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A Word From Bob

My father was always asking for someone to give him a helping hand in his workshop while making things with wood. He left me with a legacy of paying attention to detail and a love of the beauty in wood. I am now retired from the Printing Industry (Print Finishing Sector) and able to realise the benefits of his bestowal. I am a wood worker committed to using locally harvested and sustainable wood to create beautiful and durable wooden things that are also functional. These pieces include, stylish bowls, unique pens, intricately designed 3D cutting boards and more. I am proud to pursue these goals as a partner in the Ontario Wood Program of the Ontario Government. The St. Lawrence Market in Toronto has been our preferred summer venue for the past 8 years. Please do not hesitate to stop by and introduce yourself, use our Website Contact Form or Subscribe to receive the occasional email campaigns.

Robert Tier